Business Lessons from a Golf Caddie

Landon Coyle, MDTC Economic Development Specialist

If you are familiar with the game of golf and I asked you to name five golfers. Chances are you could list
five names. The names you do not hear a lot about in golf are the caddies, that work and carry the golf
bags for the golfers. Caddies play many different roles in golf. They have to be knowledgeable, humble,
and hardworking. In this article of Economic Corner will be taking a look at the role caddies play in the
game of golf and how some of those roles applies to business success.

Dedication to Knowledge:

Caddies have to dedicate themselves to knowing the game of golf. Most great caddies grew up around
golf and some were even good golfers themselves. Becoming a caddie for a pro golfer you have to
dedicate yourself to continued learning and know how to adjust to different problems the game
presents on daily basis. Golf is always changing with new golfers, new technology and new equipment,
that is why continued learning is so important.

Students entering the workforce after CareerTech have to dedicate themselves to continued learning
while in the workforce. CareerTech equips students with knowledge on how to be successful in the
workplace. It is then the student’s responsibility to continue build on that knowledge by continuing to
learn about the current trends of industry and to learn from others who are working in industry. Being
receptive and open is great way to becoming promotable. Most employers today are looking for a job
candidate who is coachable and has great attitude. We must not assume that they we know everything.
The more you commit to learning the more successful in the workplace you will be.

Dedication to being Humble:

In order to be successful, you have to be willing to carry the golf clubs for the team’s success.
Committing yourself to the overall company or team goal will help you achieve career success. This is why knowing the company mission and value statement is so important. We want make sure that the company mission and vision aligns with what we value. Make a choice to help other coworkers when you can because there will be a time when you need those same coworkers to help you. This is also great way to network and maybe even learn a new job skill.

Dedication to Hard Work:

Being a caddy is hard work. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a caddy. You have to
spend a lot time in preparing and working with the golfer to know what to do in certain situations to
achieve success. Caddies are also responsible for carrying the golfers’ bag and walking the entire golf
course in all types weather. The caddies take on these job roles with limited recognition.

Employers today are looking for workers who have a good attitude and who are willing to put in the
effort needed to accomplish the job task. Dedicating yourself to being consistent in giving great effort
and being on time can lead to career success. There are somethings in life we cannot control but
attitude and effort are two things that we can control. Just like the golfers know how valuable it is to a
have a hardworking caddie. Employers know how valuable it is to have an employee that is on time and
works hard every day. Doing the little things right adds up in the end.

Being a good caddie and good employee have similar attributes. Having the mindset that it takes
everyone working together to be successful, makes you appreciate everyone within organization a little
bit more. The golfer you see standing with the championship trophy didn’t get there on their own and
chances are they had a good caddie to help them get to that point. In business it is the same. It takes a
team to achieve company and individual success.

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