Mid-Del Tech’s Growth and Support for the Community

By: Becki Foster, Assistant Superintendent of Mid-Del Tech 

Career and Technical Education Month provides an excellent opportunity to showcase what we do here at Mid-Del Technology Center and how we serve our community. We know how crucial it is to market technical education for all students. We believe in sharing our success and encouraging others to pursue their career goals and passions.

Mid-Del Tech must maintain open communication channels to reach both adult learners and high school students and make them aware that we provide them with an option for their future. Community members are still surprised to learn how many offerings we have between our full-time programs, adult short-term courses, workforce training, and classes taught at Tinker Air Force Base. We are uniquely positioned within the K-12 district and partner with Rose State College, Tinker Air Force Base, and community leaders to provide educational and training solutions to local workforce needs.

From 2022 to 2023, Mid-Del Tech’s full-time enrollment increased by approximately 13%. The student population consists of 77% high school juniors and seniors. The remaining 23% are adults. Our team is proud of the current progress toward enrollment, but we believe we can do even better. We strive for an additional 5% for next year’s enrollment numbers.

To grow and expand our training programs, we must overcome several challenges. The biggest obstacle we face is the waitlist for full-time and short-term courses. Our aviation, cyber security, welding, healthcare, and a few other trade & industry departments all have more students interested in enrolling than we can currently accommodate.

We are exploring innovative solutions to overcome the challenge of limited space. Our objective is to expand existing programs and add new full-time programs. To meet the increasing demand in healthcare, we are exploring options to expand nursing and healthcare programs. We also plan to introduce new short courses for adults unable to commit to full-time studies and support the specific needs of Tinker Air Force Base.

It’s important to recognize our achievements from the past few years. Our plumbing program has been a great success, with the majority of our students finding employment before graduation. Our aviation program is on track for a successful year, with even better outcomes than previous years. The evening sheet metal course has also been hugely successful and boasts a 99% positive placement rate. Furthermore, the Tinker Air Force Base campus provides exceptional training opportunities for civilians and military personnel.

Our unwavering support for students, local businesses, and the Mid-Del community is what drives the success we’ve attained. We offer comprehensive support services for all MDTC students, including financial aid, counseling, and advising. Each program has an exceptional advisory committee that assists students in entering the workforce and acquiring the necessary skills for success. For the 2022-2023 school year, 98% of our students found employment, continued their education, or joined the military after graduation. We work closely with businesses to help develop their workforce in leadership & employee development, safety & health, information technology, or industrial maintenance. Local businesses can also utilize our customized training for their exact needs.

Whether you are a business client seeking short or long-term options or a student looking for academic or hands-on training opportunities, Mid-Del Tech has options to meet your career goals. We prioritize serving our three high schools while recognizing the importance of serving the entire community, including adults. Mid-Del Tech is well-equipped to serve prospective students. Our instructors and staff are ready to assist with your educational needs. MDTC is an excellent opportunity for those looking to gain high-tech skills or continue their education.

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