Our Staff


Rebecca Foster

Assistant Superintendent of
Mid-Del Technology Center

Cindi Stearns

Executive Director of Operations

Blake McCrabb

Executive Director of Workforce Development

Aimee Harden

Director of Instruction

Simon Gallagher

Assistant Director of Instruction


MD Bhuiyan


Phil Bueno

Automotive Services

Cindy Counts


Glenn Cox


Carla Dame

Business Information Tech/Medical Office

Virginia Dewey

Cyber Security

Arletha Doolin


Patti Duran

Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Jeff Hayes


Zack Hope

Automotive Services

James Hudson

Residential HVAC

Whitney Koons


Matt Minard

Auto Collision Technology

Angela Norwood

Health Careers Certifications

Scott Ringwald


Maria Wartchow


Eric Winkle

Construction Trades

Amy Robinson

Teaching Assistant

Business Development & Training

Abbey Charlow

Director of Workforce and Economic Development

Megan Bain

Business Development Coordinator

Scott Cline

Industrial Coordinator

Jennifer Sanders

Business Development Secretary

Business Office

Donna Hudson

Budget Analyst

Erin Hurst

MDTC Coordinator

Jessie Woodside

Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

Jessica Schuler

Purchasing Assistant

Student Services

Landon Coyle

Economic Development Specialist

Melissa Poole

Career Advisor

Curtis Pratt

Career Counselor

Tina Murphy

Financial Aid Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

Jeffrey Gonzales

Marketing Coordinator

Delanie Beevers

Marketing & Hospitality

Administrative Assistants

Sarah Clayton

Inventory Clerk

Rina Keefover

Secretary, Director of Instruction

Cindy Miller

Secretary, Practical Nursing

Alyssa Wray

Testing Liason

Adult Career Development/ELITE

Rick Spaulding

Director of ACD

Tammy Goodwin

Secretary, Director of ACD

Jana Morgan

Secretary, Director of ELITE

Jennifer Davis

Elite Coordinator

Practical Nursing

Kasey Duley

Practical Nursing Coordinator

Suzanne Damon

Practical Nursing  Instructor

Lacy Brewer

Practical Nursing  Instructor

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