Business and Information Technology

MidDel Tech Center Student Studying

Business Office is designed to prepare individuals for job ready employment as an Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk or Payroll Accounting Clerk. Students learn basic computer skills and accounting principles, using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and QuickBooks (computerized accounting).  The Career Tech student organization, Business Professionals of America (BPA), is integrated with the training to offer opportunities to develop leadership skills.  BPA offers students an opportunity to compete with other schools to enrich their training and be better prepared for the world of work.


Account Payable/Receivable Clerk – 720 Hours
Payroll Accounting Clerk – 840 Hours

Who Can Apply


Program Costs

Account Payable/Receivable Clerk – $1,800 + Supplies
Payroll Accounting Clerk – $2,100 + Supplies


Monday - Friday; August - May
Morning Session: 7:50 AM - 10:25 AM
Afternoon Session: 11:25AM - 1:50 PM