Health Careers

Mid-Del Technology Center 0656

Health Careers students will choose to major in one of the following areas: Medical or Dental Assisting, or Pharmacy Technician. Students must participate in major-specific clinicals and internships. All majors require a state background check (OSBI); some clinical sites may require a national background check and/or drug testing.    Minimum age requirements are listed below; however, some internship sites and/or certification tests may require a minimum age of 18.  Immunization requirements are listed in the table below.  All students are responsible for their own transportation to clinical and internship sites and other related expenses, i.e., uniforms, immunizations, background checks, and drug testing.


Basic Medical Assisting – 899 Hours
Dental Assisting – 899 Hours
Pharmacy Technician – 899 Hours

Who Can Apply


Program Costs

Basic Medical Assisting – $2,247.50‬ + Supplies
Dental Assisting – $2,247.50‬ + Supplies
Pharmacy Technician – $2,247.50‬ + Supplies


Monday - Friday; August - May
Morning Session: 7:50 AM - 10:25 AM
Afternoon Session: 11:25AM - 1:50 PM


Michele Elliott

Michele Elliott

Angela Norwood

Angela Norwood