Tinker Tech

Since 1980, Tinker employees have received training customized to meet the needs of the U.S. Air Force at the Tinker Campus.  Training is customized to satisfy current personnel requirements at Tinker AFB.

Classrooms are located at Tinker AFB and MDTC facilities provide classrooms when rooms are not available at our physical location.  Training is presented in various forums from classroom training to practical hands on applications in a shop environment.  We make every effort to accommodate all special requests for additional unscheduled training.  TTC conducted classes on swing shift, for the convenience of the students and their supervisors, to avoid forcing shift changes for training.  

Courses taught at the Tinker campus are limited to current Tinker employees only.  These same courses are offered at the Mid Del Technology Center and are open to the public.  Tinker Technology Center courses are instructor led with many courses offering hands on training in areas such as air craft sheet metal, air craft jacking and leveling, soldering, and more.

See the Course List/Course descriptions for a complete list of courses.

Tinker Technology Center is located on Tinker AFB in Building 1, Door 9. 

Phone (405) 734-7266

Jefferson Tarver – TTC Director

Tinker Technology Center

Average Annual Volume of Federal Work FY 2010-August 2013

Total average number of classes                     881

Total average number of students                   8,273

Total average number of clock hours              12,881

Total average number of student hours          95,242