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MDTC is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, the Oklahoma State Department of Education, and the Oklahoma Board of Career and Technology Education. All courses are approved for training clients sponsored by Vocational Rehabilitation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Oklahoma State Accrediting Agency has approved a list of MDTC programs for Veteran’s Benefits. 

In addition to the above listed entities, the following MDTC programs are additionally accredited:  

  • Automotive Service Technology – NATEF/ASE
  • Cosmetology – State Board of Cosmetology
  • Practical Nursing – Oklahoma Board of Nursing 

Current or prospective students wishing to review documents described in the institution’s accreditation, approval, or licensing should submit a written request to the Chief Operations Officer of Mid-Del Tech Center. Within 10 business days of receipt of request documents will be made available to the student for inspection.

Accreditation link to CTE

Complaint Information

Student Licensure Disclosures

The United States Department of Education Federal Code amendment 34 CFR §668.43 requires that all institutions that participate in Title IV federal programs provide student professional license disclosures.  Institutions must disclose to students whether their curriculum satisfies the education requirements for licensure or certification in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and specified U.S. territories.

The programs listed below meet the Oklahoma licensure or certification requirements, and graduates are eligible to obtain a state or professional license.   A determination has not been made if these programs meet the individual educational requirements for licensure or certification in all other states, the District of Columbia, or specified U.S. Territories.

Health Programs

Health Careers

Licences Practical Nursing

Trade & Industrial Education Programs




Financial Aid

Federal Pell Grant

  • The Pell grant and Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant are based on financial need, availability of funds and academic performance.  Students may be eligible for the grants listed below.  In order to qualify for the grants, students must complete the FAFSA
  • Pell Grants are awarded to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need and have not earned a bachelor’s or graduate, or professional degree.  Unlike a loan, a federal grant does not have to be repaid, except under certain circumstances. You must complete the FAFSA to apply and determine eligibility.  After submission of the FAFSA, you will see your scheduled award amount on the Student Aid Report.  Award amounts at MDTC are prorated for students enrolled in less than an academic year (900 clock hours and 26 weeks).  Disbursements are typically made within six to eight weeks of the beginning of a student’s payment periods.  The disbursements will be applied to your student tuition account and applied to your institutional charges for the payment period.  It your disbursement exceeds the payment period costs, the Bursar will refund the difference to you by paper check. Pell grant award amounts are determined by taking the lesser amount of the two formulas:
  • Divide the number of weeks in your payment period by 900, then multiply the result by your scheduled award amount.
  • Divide the number weeks in your payment period by the number of hours in MDTC’s academic year (26 weeks), then multiply by your scheduled award amount.  

If you complete your program before completing all of the clock hours in your payment period, your Pell disbursement will be prorated for that payment period.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grants (OTAG) are made available by the Oklahoma State Legislature through the Oklahoma State Regents.  Eligibility is determined based on the FAFSA.  It is important to complete the FAFSA early as soon as possible after October 1.  Typically, OTAG receives more eligible applications than can be awarded with available funds and how early a student applies can be the deciding factor in whether a student is offered an OTAG award.  The maximum award amount is $1000 for students enrolled as a fulltime student for a full academic year ($500 payment for a period of 450 clock hours), and is prorated for students enrolled in payment periods that are less than 450 clock hours.  Disbursements are made in the fall and spring semesters.  The disbursement will be transmitted to your student account and will be applied to any outstanding charges for your payment period.  If the disbursement is greater than the charges, the cashier will refund the difference to you by paper check.

Oklahoma’s Promise

Oklahoma’s Promise is a full tuition state grant made available by the Oklahoma Legislature through the Oklahoma State Regents.  Students must enroll in the 8th, 9th, or 10th grade.  Student receiving Oklahoma’s Promise must contact the Financial Aid Coordinator at Mid-Del Technology Center to notify them of their eligibility.  Student must complete a FAFSA and meet the eligibility requirements.  The financial aid office will confirm eligibility through the State Regents.  Oklahoma’s Promise disbursements will be applied to your student account to cover institutional charges associated with your payment period.  If the disbursement exceeds your payment period charges, the difference will be refunded to you via paper check.

  • Agency Funding (Tribal and Voc Rehab) may be available based on eligibility.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Contact your tribal agency for additional information and benefits.  The MDTC Financial Aid Coordinator will certify the appropriate paperwork from the agency.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Funding intended to help those who have disabilities or injuries.  Visit the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services for more information. 

  • Scholarships and Other Grants (Otha Grimes, Physicians Manpower, Next Step)

Mid-Del Technology Center scholarships are subject to availability.  While we do our best to assist you, MDTC cannot guarantee the receipt of scholarships.  

Otha Grimes Scholarship is available to adult students at the beginning of each semester.  Students must fill out the online.

Next Step Tuition Waiver is available to returning MDTC seniors.

Physicians Man Power Oklahoma nursing assistance program provides assistance to Oklahoma nursing residents pursuing LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, DNP, and Ph.D. degrees and are interested in rural Oklahoma communities, State Teaching Hospitals, and Nurse Training Programs across Oklahoma. 

Horatio Alger Career Tech Scholarship

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Information about the School’s Academic Programs, Costs, Facilities, and Policies

General Institutional Information



Student Right-to-Know Disclosures

  • National Student Loan Data Base – NSLDS
  • College Navigator:  Visit College Navigator to view the most recent retention rates, graduation rates, student body diversity, and the percentage of Pell Grant recipients at Mid-Del Technology Center.
  • Student Body Diversity
  • College Scorecard:  Visit the College Scorecard for information about graduation rates, salaries, costs and average debt.

Campus Crime and Safety Information



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