Daytime Auto Service


Students in this major will cover the skills necessary to become an entry-level automotive technician. Students will be taught theory and operation in line with future ASE accreditations.

  • Daytime Auto Service Technician program is designed for adults to continue or strengthen their Auto Service Skill Set with the flexibility of having smaller modular sessions each quarter.
  • Students can sign up for an individual section or take multiple sections.


**A safety course is required before each student may enter the classroom and

2020-2021 Schedule:


1st Quarter (August 24-October 15):

Option A: Safety Course (30hrs), Workforce Staging (15hrs), Auto Engine Repair (59.5hrs)

Option B: Safety Course (15hrs), Auto Electrical & Electronics (89.5hrs)


2nd Quarter (October 20-December 18):

Option A: Auto Engine Repair Continued (60.5hrs), Auto Heating & Air Conditioning (44hrs)

Option B: Auto Electrical & Electronics Continued (70.5hrs), Auto Engine Performance (34hrs)


3rd Quarter: (January 4-March 12):

Option A: Auto Heating & Air Conditioning Continued (26hrs), Auto Steering and Suspension (106hrs)

Option B: Auto Engine Performance Continued (86hrs), Workforce Staging (15hrs), Auto Manual Drivetrain & Axles (31hrs)


4th Quarter: (March 22-May 27):

Option A: Auto Steering and Suspension Continued (14hrs), Auto Brakes (95hrs)

Option B: Auto Manual Drivetrain & Axles Continued (39hrs), Auto Automatic Transmission & Transaxle (70hrs)