Teacher Prep

Pretty Hispanic young adult female teacher assesses a cute African American little girl  playing with blocks during preschool class. They are sitting at a table and the teacher is taking notes as the little girl puts the blocks together.

Teacher Prep program prepares students for a career in the field of education.  The courses covered include the Introduction of Education, Classroom Management, Teach Oklahoma, Field Experience, Introduction to Computers, and Applications of Professional Development for Teacher Prep.  Students will participate in observations and an internship at a public school.  This will give hands-on experience in the field of education.  The Education Fundamentals assessment and Paraprofessional test will be given,  These will allow students to begin working immediately in a classroom setting


Teacher Prep - 415 hours

Who Can Apply

In-district High School Juniors & Seniors

Program Costs

In-district High School Juniors & Seniors - Free


Monday - Friday; August - May
Morning Session: 7:50 AM - 10:25 AM
Afternoon Session: 11:25AM - 1:50 PM


Teresa Widick

Teresa Widick