Service Careers Horitculture Asssistant


This major introduces students enrolled in the Service Careers majors as horticultural assistants who undertake a range of tasks to do with cultivation, growing, harvesting and maintenance of trees, plants and gardens.  Students learn safe practices, use of tools and equipment, propagation and care of plants, and soil testing and preparation.  Included is information concerning construction, operation and management of greenhouses. 

Hours for Major: 485.0
Approved for Financial Aid: No
Open to secondary students only. Secondary students must obtain permission from high school counselor to enroll in this career major.

Service Careers Life Skills 30
Principles of Horticulture 30
Propagation of Horticulture Plants 90
Fertilizers & Soils 90
Greenhouse Management 120
Workforce Staging 30
Safety, ground rules and hand tools for custodians 180