Electronic Imaging Artist


This career major prepares students to be successful in the graphic communications field with a specialty in capturing, manipulating and preparing digital images for print. Courses provide introduction to graphic communications and the Macintosh computer. Design courses include page layout, photographic processes, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Hours for Major: 1050.0
Approved for Financial Aid: Yes
Open to 1st & 2nd year high school students and adults.

Introduction to Graphic Communications 120
Graphic Communications 60
Printing Processes I 60
Page Layout I 60
Page Layout II 60
Photographic Processes I 60
Photographic Processes II 60
Multimedia 60
Page Layout III 60
Illustrator I 60
Manufacturing Management for Printing 60
Illustrator II 60
Photoshop I 60
Photoshop II 60
Workforce Staging 30
Workforce Connection 120