Image Editor


Students learn to operate hardware components, work with software, create hierarchical filing systems and manage memory allocation. Students will practice keyboarding to increase speed and accuracy. Students will cover the details of resolution for scanning, digital photography and image manipulation. Students will Photograph various subject material using lenses, existing light, and flash units. Digital photography eliminates the need for film and chemicals. The color images can be brought directly into the computer environment. Assignments reflect knowledge of basic camera techniques as well as types of digital cameras and resolutions. Students will take an original black and white photograph, color photograph or other kinds of original artwork by recording the image through color filters and using a screen ruling to break the image into dots for reproduction. Color printing requires capturing data for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink. This is often referred to as CMYK or process. Use of computer-generated production camera-ready art reflects the fundamentals of advertising design principles. Students learn to use software such as Photoshop to produce assignments reflecting knowledge of color separations, basic image correction, working with layers, and sharing files between software applications. Students create and manipulate images of varying formats. This course adds to the student knowledge and working skills of the software, such as, Photoshop. The student will take group photos and candid shots using a digital camera, store the images, edit the images, display the images and transmit the images. The student will begin to learn the software package "Adobe Photoshop" for correction of a damaged image. The student will also use scanners and other types of copy hardware increasing their knowledge and skills in the digital photography industry. Students are introduced to digital camera operation and image capture.

Hours for Major: 540.0
Approved for Financial Aid: No
Open to 1st & 2nd year high school students and adults.



Introduction to Graphic Communications 120
Computer Fundamentals 45
Image Capture 30
Digital Photography 30
Scanning Black and White, Color 30
Image Editing I 45
Digital Image Manipulation 60
Photo Software and Digital Images 45
Digital Photography/Photo Software II 45
Portfolio Development I 60
Workforce Staging 30