Basic Medical Assistant


Students in this major will learn the role of the basic medical assistant. They will learn a brief history of medicine, the characteristics needed to be a medical assistant, how to gather information for the patient history, and patient assessment, and how to assist in minor office procedures. Curriculum content will also include methods of practicing good ethical behavior, communication skills, phlebotomy, and other basic skills related to assisting in a medical office. Students will be provided the opportunity to use the theory content in practical clinical experiences. In this Career Major, Core Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology are taught.

Hours for Major: 915.0
Approved for Financial Aid: Yes
Open to 2nd year students and adults.

Introduction to Medical Assisting 30
Core Medical Terminology 60
Anatomy and Physiology 165
Pharmacology 45
Introduction to Medical Office Clinical Procedures (Part I) 75
Introduction to Medical Office Clinical Procedures (Part II) 75
Medical Assisting Clinical Experience 165
Core Healthcare Provider CPR/First Aid 15
health Career Core Curriculum 255
Captstone 30