Practical Nursing (LPN)


This career major prepares the student to become a licensed practical nurse, who is an important member of the health care team while working under the supervision or direction of a registered nurse, licensed physician or dentist.  Students will learn the role of the LPN and how to care for a variety of patients including geriatric, pediatric, oncology, and pre/post-operative patients. Students will learn how to identify patient disease and disorder processes, engage in appropriate interventions and evaluate nursing care. Graduates of this career major will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN and become licensed through the Board of Nursing.

Hours for Major: 1511.0
Approved for Financial Aid: Yes
Open to Adults Only.

Anatomy & Physiology 120
Clinical Nursing I 120
Clinical Nursing II 168
Clinical Nursing III 240
Clinical Nursing IV 60
Fundamentals of Nursing 170
Introduction into Nursing 40
Long Term Certified Nursing Assistant 91
Medical Surgical Nursing I 94
Medical Surgical Nursing II 96
Medical Terminology 45
Mental Health 40
Newborn Nursing 40
Pediatric Nursing 40
Pharmacology & Intravenous Therapy Skills 75
Transition into Practice 24