Veterinary Assistant


In this Career Major, students complete the Health Careers Core Curriculum (Technology Center) Core Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology, Core First Aid and Healthcare Provider CPR. Veterinary Assistants feed and bathe animals, administer medication as prescribed by the veterinarian and assist the veterinary team with animal nursing techniques. Students learn how to do basic office procedures and how to provide large and small animal care including how to perform diagnostic procedures. Students practice in a variety of settings as chosen by the instructor. Upon completion of this course, students have experiences and skills necessary to become employed in a veterinary clinic or hospital.

Hours for Major: 900.0
Approved for Financial Aid: Yes
Open to 2nd year high school students and adults.

Health Careers Core Curriculum (Technology Center) 255
Anatomy and Physiology 165
Core Medical Terminology 60
Veterinary Office Management Procedures 30
Core Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid 15
Large and Small Animal Medicine 75
Large and Small Animal Care 75
Diagnostic Procedures for the Veterinary Assistant 30
Surgical Procedures for the Veterinary Assistant 30
Routine Duties in a Veterinary Clinic 30
Principles of Pharmacology for the Veterinary Assistant 15
Internship for Veterinary Assistant 120