Cosmetologist Practicing Master Instructor


This major prepares students who have already worked in a salon to become licensed as qualified teachers of cosmetology theory and practice in industry as well as in public or private institutions. Students receive training in teaching methods, course outlining and development, and appropriate evaluation techniques. Included are law, beauty school management, and record keeping. To obtain state licensing, students must complete 1000 hours of instruction and pass the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology written and practical exams with 500 hours waived for students who have worked in a salon for two of the previous five years.

Hours for Major: 500.0
Approved for Financial Aid: No
Open to Adult students only.

Orientation and Review of Cosmetology Curriculum Practicing 30
Introduction to Teaching - Practicing 60
Law, Beauty School Management, and Record Keeping - Practicing 45
Teaching and Assisting in the Classroom and Clinic - Practicing 75
Practice Teaching in the Classroom and Clinic - Practicing 125
Course Outline Development-Practicing 165