Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Pre-Engineering


This is a two year academy that will emphasize academics and engineering principles. It will provide the student with a strong foundation to excel in a post- secondary engineering pathway.

Students in this major will study pre-engineering through Project-Lead-the-Way curriculum that will introduce them to the concepts and principles of engineering and there will be a strong emphasis on developing problem solving skills. They will learn how engineers use math, science and technology to solve problems. Students in this major will also complete a course on computer integrated manufacturing which will focus on the fundamental concepts of robotics used in automated manufacturing and design analysis. Students will also complete advanced math and science courses, including physics and calculus, which will prepare them to advance to the college or university level.

Hours for Major: 840 
Approved for Financial Aid: No
Open to secondary students only.

AP Calculus AB 120
PLTW Aerospace Engineering 120
PLTW Aerospace Design & Development 120
PLTW Introduction to Engineering & Design 120
PLTW Principles of Engineering 120
Pre-AP Physics 120
Pre-Caculus 120