Automotive Service Technician (NATEF compliant)



According to the most recent NATEF Automotive Service Technician standards, students in this major will cover the skills necessary to become an entry-level technician.  Students will concentrate on courses in conditioning, engine repair, automatic transmission, and manual drive train and axles.  They will learn how to diagnose and complete brake service, perform vehicle steering and suspension alignment, as well as techniques for repair using a variety of diagnostic equipment.  This career major includes automotive heating, air conditioning and the student will learn how to evacuate and recharge air-conditioning systems using the proper refrigerant, as well as diagnostics of the heat and A/C system.  Students will use advanced diagnostic and repair equipment to troubleshoot complex automotive systems.  This career major is intended to provide courses closely aligned with NATEF hours and tasks.

ASE certification is recommended and industry recognized.

Hours for Major: 726
Approved for Financial Aid: Yes
Open to 1st & 2nd year high school students and adults.

Courses Hours
Fundamentals of Automotive Service (NATEF aligned) 45
Automotive Brakes (NATEF compliant) 95
Automotive Steering & Suspension (NATEF compliant) 95
Automotive Engine Repair (NATEF compliant) 130
Automotive Electrical & Electronics (NATEF compliant) 210
Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning (NATEF compliant) 70
Automotive Automatic Transmission & Transaxle (NATEF compliant) 80
Workforce Staging 30
Automotive Manuel Drivetrain and Axles (NATEF compliant) 60
Automotive Engine Performance (NATEF compliant) 160