Aviation Technology



This Career Major is designed to be an introduction to the foundations of aviation.  Students will learn to inspect and perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems. This major gives students an opportunity to begin course work in the Airframe Mechanic and the Power plant Mechanic (A&P) career field. Students who desire to continue course work in the A&P career field have the opportunity to continue course work in a FAA approved program that can lead to an A&P license.   Students also will receive training to gain entry level employment in the career field of Aviation Sheet Metal repair. The sheet metal portion of this career major will familiarize the student with common shop tools and hand tools, shop safety, shop math, conventional and special fasteners, corrosion control, coating and removal and application.

Hours for Major: 750.0
Approved for Financial Aid: Yes
Open to 1st & 2nd year high school students and adults.

Aviation Basic Physics 45
Aircraft Drawings 30
Aviation Materials and Processes 75
Aviation Fluid Lines and Fittings 30
Material Processes/Corrosion Control/Nondestructive Testing 49
Aviation Mathematics 30
Aviation Weight and Balance 37.5
Aviation Mechanic Privileges and Limitations 15
Aviation Cleaning and Corrosion Control 30
 Aviation Maintenance Publications 15
 Aviation Maintenance Forms and Records 15
 Aviation Basic Electricity 142.5
 General Technician Safety 15
 Aviation Applied Math 30
 Aviation Tools, Precision Measurement and Blueprints


 Aviation Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools and Equipment 90
 Aviation Sheet Metal Layout and Processes 90