Aircraft Command Experience

Average Oklahoma Wage – $51.85/hr

Aircraft Command Experience is an aviation STEM program focused on providing foundational knowledge, skills and experience in the aviation and aerospace career fields. Exploring both the Pilot and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) pathways, students work toward obtaining the Federal Aviation Administration’s Private Pilot Knowledge Test and/or the Part 107 Remote Pilot Test. Topics covered in the Pilot pathway include aviation history, principles of flight and aerodynamic forces, pilot and aircraft qualifications, aircraft systems, pre- and post-flight procedures, flight maneuvers, and cockpit management. UAS-specific topics include UAS regulations, airspace classification and operating requirements, safety protocols, aircraft loading and performance, and operating environments.

Program Aircraft Command Experience
Who Can Apply High School
Program Costs

In-district High School Juniors – Free


AM Session: 7:45 am – 10:30 am
PM Session: 11:15 am – 1:50 pm

Main Campus

o   If a student withdraws within the first 5 days of classes or PRIOR to the first day of class they will receive a refund of all tuition, less $25 processing fee ($75 for Practical Nursing students).

o   If a student withdraws within the first three weeks of class, they will receive a refund of one-half of any tuition paid for the current semester. If a student has pre-paid for the following semester, they will receive a full refund for that semester.

o   After the third week of classes, no refund will be given.

o   Non-refundable fees include: testing fee, $50 deposit, background checks, and textbooks.

Students who receive a Federal Pell Grant from MDTC and who withdraw (officially or unofficially) will be subject to the “Return of Title IV” regulations. For those students who have been officially or unofficially withdrawn, the student’s last date of attendance will be used for Return of Title IV purposes as determined by MDTC’s attendance records. Generally, the student and/or school will have to return any amount of the Pell Grant that is defined as “unearned” per Return of Unearned Funds Policy section on page 34.  NOTE: all financial aid students should contact the Financial Aid Coordinator to discuss their Return of Title IV funds calculation before withdrawing. 

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Accuplacer Scores of 250+ in Math/Reading or equivalent



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