Credit Recovery

The Credit Recovery program provides students who are currently enrolled at MDTC Career program and who at-risk of dropping out of school, the opportunity to continue their education in an individualized, self-paced environment.

This unique program combines an academic component with occupational training.  Students spend half of their school day working on academic subjects (English, math, science, and history) plus individual and occupational counseling. The other half of the school day is spent in an MDTC career program. Other students may remain in the classroom all day, remediating academic deficiencies in preparation to enter a career program. Students must earn at least one unit every 20 school days and maintain consistent attendance. Students may be enrolled in an MDTC program, but it is not required for admission.

Initial referrals for the Credit Recovery Program must come from the school counselor or principal.

At the initial Credit Recovery intake students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

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