Health Careers

Health Careers is a rigorous college level academic course including medical terminology and anatomy and physiology in health and disease.  First year students will study the core curriculum for health careers and complete courses for certifications such as Blood Bourne Pathogen (BBP), and CPR/first aid. The second year, students will learn skills for becoming a feeding assistant, Long Term Care Nurse Assisting (LTCNA) and Home Health Aide (HHA). Second year students will complete training to sit for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and complete an internship working at a clinical site. All students admitted to the program must be 18 years old by February 1st of the second semester (senior year) per our clinical site agreements. All students will require a state background check, completed immunizations and other related expenses, i.e. uniforms, watch, name tag, etc. All certifications thru our agencies do not allow accommodations during final skills and written testing.

Program Health Careers
Who Can Apply High School
Program Costs In-district High School Juniors & Seniors; Free + $450 Textbooks + Supplies & Fees

Monday – Friday; August – May
Morning Session: 7:45 AM – 10:30 AM
Afternoon Session: 11:15AM – 2:00 PM

Main Campus

o   If a student withdraws within the first 5 days of classes or PRIOR to the first day of class they will receive a refund of all tuition, less $25 processing fee ($75 for Practical Nursing students).

o   If a student withdraws within the first three weeks of class, they will receive a refund of one-half of any tuition paid for the current semester. If a student has pre-paid for the following semester, they will receive a full refund for that semester.

o   After the third week of classes, no refund will be given.

o   Non-refundable fees include: testing fee, $100 deposit, background checks, and textbooks.

Students who receive a Federal Pell Grant from MDTC and who withdraw (officially or unofficially) will be subject to the “Return of Title IV” regulations. For those students who have been officially or unofficially withdrawn, the student’s last date of attendance will be used for Return of Title IV purposes as determined by MDTC’s attendance records. Generally, the student and/or school will have to return any amount of the Pell Grant that is defined as “unearned” per Return of Unearned Funds Policy section on page 34.  NOTE: all financial aid students should contact the Financial Aid Coordinator to discuss their Return of Title IV funds calculation before withdrawing. 

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