Plumbing I

Begin a career in the Plumbing Industry. Plumbing I will introduce you to basic skills necessary to get started in this area of construction. Learn how to handle the tools of the trade and practice the best safety procedures. Gain technical skills in pipefitting while learning to repair and replace materials and fixtures in residential structures. Study the scientific principles of drainage traps and their uses. Acquire knowledge of various piping layouts in water supply including drainage, waste and ventilation systems. Continue in this program to advance your career in Plumbing. Learn through the Mid-Del Tech process of hearing theory, seeing demonstrations and interacting with an experienced plumber with years of experience in the field and then applying those lessons in the lab exercises to build competence and confidence. Enroll today and gain a trade that will last a lifetime!This course qualifies for a Tuition Payment Plan. Ask upon enrollment to find out more.

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