Next Step Tuition Waiver

How does the Next-Step Scholarship work?

Mid-Del Technology Center’s Next-Step Scholarship waives tuition for full-time day or evening Career Programs.  This waiver may be used for classes taken in the approved education sequence plan and completed within one year from the date of the scholarship.  No monies are issued directly to the scholarship recipient.  Scholarship recipients are required to pay for books, Assessment testing, clothing, and any other materials or fees needed for the class. Students are required to pay a $100.00 non-refundable instructional fee to secure a “seat” in the career program.  All Next-Step applicants will be required to apply for federal financial aid (FASFA). The website for Free Application for Student Financial Aid is: If a Next-Step applicant is granted financial aid (PELL Grant) through the federal government, such monies will take the place of the Next-Step Scholarship tuition waiver.

Who is eligible for a Next-Step Scholarship?

The Next-Step Scholarship is designed for individuals under the age of 24 who have a high school diploma or GED and who are living within the Mid-Del School attendance area.  A scholarship recipient who turns 24 year during the academic year will be able to finish the remainder of that academic year tuition free.  For all subsequent career programs and classes, the student will be required to pay tuition.  The student will still be able to apply for financial aid.

The Licensed Practical Nursing program is not covered under the Next-Step Scholarship/Tuition Waiver Program.

For more information, contact the Career Advisors at Mid-Del Technology Center

Abbey Charlow, [email protected], 405-739-1707 ext. 6320; Curtis Pratt, [email protected], 405-739-1707 ext. 6357