Scholarship Opportunities

Otha Grimes – Francis Tuttle Memorial Scholarships

This scholarship is available to adult students who are Oklahoma residents enrolled in a program at a Career and Technology Center. Applicants must submit applications online.

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Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholarships

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation has connected donors with Oklahoma students to help them achieve their educational dreams. This important service has made OCCF one of the largest independent scholarship providers in the state. Visit our Scholarship Directory to learn about the scholarships we have to offer and our generous donors. By completing your Universal Application, you may be eligible for one or more of our 180+ opportunities.

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Oklahoma Association of Minorities in Career and Technology Education (OAMCTE)

OAMCTE believes that educating young people in career and technology education is a positive step in providing role models for future generations of youth. As we continue to focus on education, our efforts turn to an important aspect of our organization scholarship. One of the goals of our scholarship program is to provide assistance to deserving minority students who plan to further their education.

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Our staff spends countless hours searching both online and offline sources to find new and exciting scholarships for students to apply for. Our database is considered the largest and most comprehensive source for finding scholarships online and is 100% free for the public to use.

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Nursing Student Assistance Program

Sponsored by the State of Oklahoma through HWTC, the Nursing Student Assistance Program provides assistance to Oklahoma nursing students pursuing LPN, ADN, BSN, or MSN and higher degrees and who are interested in practicing nursing in Oklahoma communities, with emphasis placed on rural communities for LPN through MSN practicing nurses.

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National Housing Endowment Student Scholarships

Building homes for the nation is too important a priority to neglect the education, training, and research that will be needed to support the residential construction industry. The National Housing Endowment is answering the call by continuing to find avenues to educate students on the many opportunities a career in construction offers.

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World Plumbing Council Scholarship Program

The Scholarships are available to individuals actively involved in their local plumbing industry, particularly in education and training and are intended to provide the opportunity for educational exchange between plumbing industry participants from different countries.

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Hearing Loss Association of America Central Oklahoma Chapter

The Oklahoma Chapter is offering scholarships to students with hearing loss who plan to attend an institution of higher education. 

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Microsoft Disability Scholarship – High School Seniors

This scholarship will be awarded to promising high school seniors with disabilities who plan to attend a vocational or academic college and aspire to have a career in the technology industry. The Microsoft Disability Scholarship seeks to empower students with disabilities to achieve more through access to education leading to a career in technology. 

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Horatio Alger Scholarship

This scholarship can award you up to $2,500 to pursue a career certification or technical education, of your choice, at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the United States. 

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Mike Rowe Works Scholarship

Through this program, we recognize people who understand the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude. These are hardworking men and women who will keep the lights on, water running, and air flowing. These are people who show up early, stay late, and bust their asses day in and out. It’s not for everyone. Hard workers are hard to find, but we know you’re out there.

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