New Beginnings

"New Beginnings" is an alternative education program for pregnant and parenting teens in the Mid-Del School District. Pregnancy brings "new beginnings", including the beginning of a new life, parenthood, a new dimension to relationships with family and peers, and the realities of adult life. These students participate in self-paced, individualized instruction that strictly follows district curriculum. In addition, they receive instruction in prenatal care, labor and delivery, parenting and decision making.  This program also provides school bus transportation for mother and baby, quality childcare in a 2 star DHS licensed facility, and work experience opportunities for teen mothers.

Program Objectives

To provide alternative academic instruction for pregnant high school students in the Mid-Del School District.
To increase the likelihood that they will remain in school through graduation.

  1. To provide counseling, referral services, information, and emotional support.
  2. To provide information that will insure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
  3. To assist in maintaining optimal physical, emotional and financial well- being for both mother and baby.
  4. To provide knowledge and skills for positive parenting.
  5. To develop positive self-esteem, goal-setting and decision-making skills, thus reducing the likelihood of repeat pregnancies during adolescence.
  6. To provide career exploration and Career Tech training.
  7. To provide adult mentors to serve as positive role models.
  8. Students will enroll in four (4) academic courses.
  9. Successful completion of the New Beginnings curriculum may earn the student a scholarship for their child to attend the New Beginnings Learning Center until graduation.   
  10. Students are expected to return to class within two weeks after delivery, barring medical complications.
  11. Students are at the technology center site for the entire semester while they are in the program.

Expectations of Students

Eligibility and Referral

  1. Participants who are pregnant or parenting must be high school students in the Mid- Del Public Schools.
  2. Referrals to the program will be provided by the home site high school counselors for admission to the program with enrollment on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Parents and students must schedule an interview prior to student beginning the program.
  4. Students must enroll in New Beginning Early Care/Parenting at the technology center site.
  5. New Beginnings is an 18 week program; students are limited to participation only once.
  6. A “Physician’s Report” form, confirming the pregnancy and due date, must be signed by the attending physician BEFORE a student will be admitted into the program.
  7. Attendance is essential, since much important information is presented in class discussions, by guest speakers, and video presentations.

Special Services Provided

  1. Onsite childcare is available through a scholarship for students who successfully complete the Early Care/Parenting Career Major and the four academic credits during the 18 week period. 
  2. Transportation for both mother and baby on school district buses with seatbelts and car seats provided for the baby.

Instructor: Sonja Fox
Email: [email protected]; 405.739.1707 ext. 6331

Instructor: Teresa Widick
Email: [email protected]; 405.739.1707 ext. 6326