Students Working in Active Pursuit of Success

The SWAPS program is an evening program offering students ages 16-19 that have dropped out of one of the Mid-Del high schools, the opportunity to complete their education.  This program is unique because its academic component takes place after the regular school day ends.  Students receive instruction six hours a day, four days a week, Monday through Thursday.  Career training is offered for SWAPS students during the latter half of the school day.  Students may take a combination of six hours of academics and Career Tech instruction or six hours of academics alone. The student to teacher ratio is approximately 7:1, with a maximum enrollment of 30 students.  Most SWAPS students work a minimum of 15 hours a week on the job, in a paid position, working closely with a Career Tech coordinator.

For more information contact: 

Dale Henthorn

Director of ACD/Facilities
Dale Henthron
(405) 739-1707 ext. 6313

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